About the Book

A number of social problems have been discussed in this play by George Bernanrd Shaw in an original and witty manner. The central problem in the play is whether a woman should continue to stay with her husband even when they are mutually incompatible or go out with her lover with whom there is much greater compatibility. This is the central problem of the play and it has been discussed threadbare through the Morell-Candida-Marchbanks relationship. It has been made concrete and real and not merely discussed in the abstract.

This edition of Candida has the following features:

  1. Detailed study of George Bernard Shaw
  2. Comprehensive introduction to Candida with critical evaluation
  3. Complete text, paraphrase, word meanings and annotations
  4. Explanations with critical comments
  5. Critical appraisal of the characters
  6. Selected university questions with answers
  7. Selected literary criticism