Christopher Marlowe Edwar The Second

About the Book

Edward II is considered as one of the earliest instances of English historical plays. It is the last of Marlowe's great dramas, and is often considered as his masterpiece. The play written in 1593 is based on the life of the English King Edward II.

Edward II is evidently carefully written, with the refractory chronicle material skilfully handled, dove-tailing the careers of the two favourites, Gaveston and Young Spenser into one whole, and curtailing the long series of events into dramatic unity. Edward II can surely be regarded as Marlowe's finest technical achievement.

The Critical Study of Edward II is a must read for students and lovers of English Literature and provides:

  1. The critical background information on the Elizabethan age and the concept of tragedy
  2. A comprehensive study of Marlowe as a dramatist, his life, works and contribution to English drama
  3. Original text of the play with paraphrase, annotations and explanation of important passages>
  4. Detailed critical appraisal of characters
  5. Critical and comprehensive discussion on textual aspects