William Shakespeare Critical Evaluation - Set of 4 (King Lear, Hamlet, Richard II, The Tempest)(King Lear, Hamlet, Richard II, The Tempest)

About the Book Set

King Lear, Hamlet, The Tempest and Richard II are among the foremost literary pieces by William Shakespeare, one of the greatest writers in English literature. These books are part of the syllabus for students pursuing BA and MA in English at Delhi and Calcutta University as well as other such institutes of repute across India.

Articulately revised and critically reviewed by subject experts, this series of books by Dr. S. Sen is essential study material and guide designed to help the students have a masterly grasp over Shakespearean literature. The salient features of these books are:

  1. Background information on Shakespeare's era and the Bard's work
  2. Original text with modern paraphrases, annotations and explanations
  3. Detailed summary of each play (Chapter wise)
  4. Critical and comprehensive discussion on essential textual aspects