The Indian Economy Edition (2019 - 20) - Sanjiv Verma

About the Book

This revised version of the book The Indian Economy is based on the new pattern and latest syllabus of the UPSC (Main). A notable feature of the new syllabus is that papers have become multidisciplinary, with different aspects of the same topic spread across different papers. This book attempts to cover all the topics which relate to economics, irrespective of the paper in which it is covered. The aim of the book is not to provide a fact sheet of the Indian economy, but give a conceptual clarity, flag issues and provide remedial measures.

The book has now been structured into different sections and further, they have been divided into chapters based on the new pattern of the UPSC syllabus. Certain chapters have been re-written to cover the topics in the revised syllabus.

It is our immense pleasure to present this thoroughly revised and updated edition of the enlighting book for IAS aspirants meticulously drafted by Late Shri Sanjiv Verma. There have been sincere efforts to maintain the precision, brevity, and philosophy of the original text through revision and updations so made in this new edition, in order to provide extensive coverage to the emerging New India. The same ease of learning has been kept in mind while updating and adding new concepts, policies and implementation being initiated by the Government of India in the economy in the following chapters:

Salient Features:

  • About New India.
  • New India
  • Poverty and Social Sector
  • Government Financing and Banking
  • Foreign Trade Policy
  • Food Security.
  • Sustainable Development and Climate Change.
  • Agricultural Sector
  • Land Reforms
  • Industrial Sector and Liberalization.
  • Infrastructure Development... are few to be named

About the Author

Sanjiv Verma was associated with several premier civil services coaching institutes in Delhi and other cities like Hyderabad and Bengaluru. He was an alumnus of the prestigious Delhi School of Economics. He had been a guide and a mentor to over thousands of civil services aspirants during his decade-long teaching career.