J & K PSC General Science and Technology

About the Book

Students belonging to non-science background often find Science and Technology hard to decipher and thus the authors of the book have put forward easy-to-understand detailed explanations of topics for students to get a grip over the subject. As the subject is crucial in the General Studies paper, the book has been drafted with optimum care, so that the book covers everything from early scientific inventions to latest technological advancements.

The authors of the book understand the need of in-depth knowledge of the latest technologies and a thorough understanding of basic sciences to clear the Prelims and thus, have crafted the book with much finesse. With solved questions and detailed explanations, the book is essential for every aspirant, wishing to score well in the coveted exam.

About the Author

Unique Research Academy has the reputation of being the most competent body in crafting excellent books for competitive exams in India. The Academy has created a number of masterpieces in the field of educational books and thus is recognised and appreciated by industry experts and students alike. With an impeccable team of subject experts and domain leaders, the Academy holds a strong position in the field of education in the country.


“I did my graduation in Arts and so, was quite scared about General Science and Technology. However, this book eliminated all the doubts and made me pretty confident about the subject. I would suggest everyone from non-science background to pick up this book to get a better understanding of Science and Technology.” – Amir Singh