Data Interpretation

About the Book

For aspirants looking at clearing CAT Data Interpretation is a subject of utmost importance. In fact, Data Interpretation plays an important role in evaluation of aptitude. It helps in determining a person’s ability to comprehend and correlate the given data and to arrive at meaningful analysis.

The questions asked under it are mostly based on identifying data from table, bars, line charts, pie charts or cases. Here aspirants are expected to apply mathematical formulae to find the answers and patterns discernible in the data provided. Sometimes these questions may also be based on applying some logic with data to find the answers (being called logical reasoning based data interpretation).

Salient ways in which the book helps you to ace Data Interpretation
  • It’s imperative to understand the data set completely before solving any question. If data is scattered, write it clearly and in order. Check whether data is absolute or relative.
  • Use of approximations and options can help in solving the questions quickly. Remembering fractions, squares (1 — 25), cubes (1 — 20) can help in calculating answers faster.
  • Data Sufficiency questions are unique in nature as the actual answer is not to be found out and hence creating confusion in the mind of person solving them. These questions as the name suggests judges a person's ability to check whether the given data in question is sufficient or not to answer the question asked.

Index of topics covered in the book
  1. Data Interpretation
  2. Data Sufficiency


“Data interpretation was quite difficult, when I started preparing for CAT. I was not being able to understand any of it. However, with this book, I have come long way in deciphering the subject and I’m pretty sure that I will excel in the exam.” – Varun Dhar