Logical Reasoning

About the Book

Logical Reasoning is an important part of any aptitude test. It is used to help gauge a person's ability to understand logic given in any statement. The questions on Logical Reasoning are essentially brainteasers those demand a clear and logical thinking ability as it tests the ability to bring out relevant information from the given constraints.

A hands-on guide to analytical and logical reasoning, this book is very useful for all kinds of competitive exams like, MAT, CMAT, XAT, IIFT, SNAP, MHT-CET, Bank PO etc. The book has been crafted with the view to help students overcome the difficulties due to changing examination patterns. With detailed explanation to each topic, articulately divided into different chapters, the book covers everything that is needed to master Reasoning.

Salient ways in which the book helps you to ace Logical Reasoning:
  • It teaches you how to visualise the problem. It breaks the riddle down visually. It teaches you how to draw grids or tables and fit in the conditions. This is, after all, the best technique to solve logical reasoning questions.
  • It teaches you how to use the process of elimination, another important aspect of solving Logical Reasoning questions.
  • It elucidates the fundamental requirement of reading the entire problem carefully. Because questions of Logical Reasoning are at times, worded in a tricky way. The clue to solve the riddle is usually right there in the question.
  • It also teaches the importance of seeing the answer choices carefully before solving the complete question. Many times, three out of four choices can be easily eliminated and the fourth one has to be the answer.

Index of topics covered in the book
  1. Linear and Circular Arrangements
  2. Sequencing and Ordering
  3. Selections
  4. Complex Arrangement
  5. Games and Sports
  6. Miscellaneous


“While preparing for CAT, I was looking for a book that can help me get a clear idea on reasoning. It was a difficult task for me to find the appropriate book and at that very time I got my hands on this book, which helped me abundantly in deciphering the subject. I believe everyone, who wants to master reasoning; Logical Reasoning by Unique Publishers is a must.”