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Serving as a beacon of inspiration, Pavneet Singh equips aspiring individuals with not only the requisite knowledge but also the tools and unwavering motivation needed to navigate the intricate landscape of the civil services journey.

Political Science and International Relations (PSIR)
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I transcends the role of an ordinary educational consultant, assuming the mantle of a dedicated mentor whose mission is to actively mould the destinies of civil services aspirants towards a triumphant path of achievement. With a profound reservoir of knowledge and a wealth of experience under his belt.

Pavneet Singh

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Students Feedback

Pavneet Singh's method for preparing for the UPSC exam stands out for its thoroughness. His books not only cover the entire syllabus but also provide detailed insights and clear explanations, simplifying even the most complex ideas. They are essential for any aspirant striving to succeed in the civil services examination.
Amandeep Kumar
UPSC Aspirants
As an authoritative figure in UPSC coaching, Pavneet Singh has empowered countless aspirants with his insightful and well-structured books. His methodical approach and practical tips make his guides indispensable for tackling the most challenging aspects of the exam.
Lalit Rathod
UPSC Aspirants
Pavneet Singh's commitment to excellence is evident on every page of his UPSC preparation books. Combining thorough research, strategic guidance, and engaging content, he equips aspirants with the necessary tools to excel. His work reflects his deep understanding of the exam's demands.
Vikrant Singh
UPSC Aspirants
Pavneet Singh's expertly crafted books simplify the complexities of the UPSC syllabus. His skill in distilling vast amounts of information into clear, concise, and actionable insights distinguishes him as a leading author in the field. These books are an essential resource for serious candidates.
UPSC Aspirants
Pavneet Singh's UPSC preparation books are models of clarity and precision. His deep knowledge of the subject and structured teaching approach make his guides invaluable for aspirants. With his assistance, many have turned their dreams of joining the civil service into reality.
UPSC Students
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Political Science and International Relations (PSIR)

Volume-1 serves as an introduction for those exploring the Political Science and International Relations (PSIR) optional subject.

  • Ideal for both experienced individuals and newcomers in political science, marking the first step in their learning journey.

  • Aims to acquaint readers with essential concepts, terminologies, and ideologies in political science optional.

  • Acts as the foundation for a series of nine additional volumes to enhance understanding and engagement.

Political Science and International Relations (PSIR)

Your Ultimate Resource Library for UPSC Success.

Foundations of Political Theory: Concepts and Applications

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