The Principles for Ethics, Integrity & Aptitude

Piyush kamal is an ex IRS. Till a few months back, he was posted as Joint Director at Mumbai. He is a post-graduate in Economics from JNU, New Delhi, but the contours of this discipline have not managed to circumscribe him. He often finds himself playing at the intersection of cognitive & evolutionary psychology, neuroscience, and philosophy because of his keen interest in these three disciplines.

He has written more than 200 articles on different media platforms. He is a regular contributor to the newspaper, “The Pioneer.” his writing is also available on You can also follow him on LinkedIn to read his insightful posts.

Piyush is guiding students for UPSC preparation for many years. This book, The Principles For Ethics, Integrity & Aptitude, is designed to fulfill all the requirements of GS IV paper. As a future bureaucrat, you are not only expected to live by certain principles but also required to develop an insight where you could approach a problem from multiple possibilities.

Therefore, this book is going to help you in developing perspectives that happen to lie outside the ambit of conventional thinking. You need to remember that as a bureaucrat, you would be served well if you inculcate the habit of asking questions that not only withstand the scrutiny of ethics & integrity but also manages to find workable solutions for bureaucratic problems involving ethical dilemmas.

Comparative Analysis
1 Authorʼs Voice
2 Concise (<300 Pages)
3 Definite Narrative
4 Problem Solving Outlook
5 Additional Topics
6 Chapter on Decision Making
7 (Sample + Previous Year Questions) Solved at the end each chapter
(At the end of Book)
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