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Fundamentals of PSIR Optional

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  • Audience: Suitable for both newcomers and experienced individuals in political science.
  • Key Concepts: Covers essential political science concepts, terminologies, and ideologies.
  • Foundation: Builds a strong foundation for understanding political science.
  • Series: First of ten volumes aimed at enhancing comprehension and engagement.
  • In-Depth Study: Encourages thorough study of each presented term, concept, and idea.
  • Conciseness: Provides clear and concise points for better understanding.

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About the author:

                                                                                – Pavneet Singh –

Pavneet Singh

Pavneet Singh transcends the role of an ordinary educational consultant, assuming the mantle of a dedicated mentor whose mission is to actively mould the destinies of civil services aspirants towards a triumphant path of achievement. With a profound reservoir of knowledge and a wealth of experience under his belt.
He is an educational consultant and is associated with training aspirants for the Civil Services Examination. He is also the author of many best – selling titles for the Civil Services Examination.

About the book:

                                                                                      WHY THIS BOOK AND HOW TO USE IT?

This volume-1 is meticulously crafted to serve as an introductory guide for individuals embarking on their exploration of the Political Science and International Relations (PSIR) optional subject. Whether one possesses extensive experience in the field of political science or is entirely new to its concepts, this book stands as the inaugural step in their journey.
Its primary objective is to acquaint readers with fundamental concepts, terminologies, and ideologies pertinent to the study of political science optional. By fostering familiarity with these essential components, the text endeavors to establish a robust groundwork, facilitating a seamless progression towards a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter.
Furthermore, this introductory volume is strategically positioned as the cornerstone for a series of nine subsequent publications authored to further enrich the reader’s comprehension and engagement with the intricacies of political science optional.
I earnestly implore any prospective aspirant of Political Science and International Relations (PSIR) to initiate their academic pursuit with this tome. Dedicate ample time to meticulously peruse each term, concept, and idea presented herein, allowing them ample opportunity to assimilate into your cognitive framework. Allocate approximately ten days to immerse yourself in the comprehension of each concept encapsulated within these pages. Upon completion of this initial reading, eschew the inclination to transcribe notes; instead, permit the ideas to permeate your consciousness.
Nevertheless, maintain this volume within arm’s reach as an indispensable reference tool throughout your exploration of the subsequent nine volumes comprising the optional series. Let it serve as your beacon of elucidation, readily available to elucidate any unfamiliar terms or concepts encountered during your studies. May this compendium perpetually adorn your workspace, ensuring facile access to its wealth of knowledge.


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