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India And The World

Audience: Suitable for both newcomers and experienced individuals in political science.
Key Concepts: Covers essential political science concepts, terminologies, and ideologies.
Foundation: Builds a strong foundation for understanding political science.
Series: First of ten volumes aimed at enhancing comprehension and engagement.
In-Depth Study: Encourages thorough study of each presented term, concept, and idea.
Conciseness: Provides clear and concise points for better understanding.

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About the author:

                                                                                – Pavneet Singh –

Pavneet Singh

Pavneet Singh transcends the role of an ordinary educational consultant, assuming the mantle of a dedicated mentor whose mission is to actively mould the destinies of civil services aspirants towards a triumphant path of achievement. With a profound reservoir of knowledge and a wealth of experience under his belt.
He is an educational consultant and is associated with training aspirants for the Civil Services Examination. He is also the author of many best – selling titles for the Civil Services Examination.

About the book:

In an increasingly interconnected world, understanding the dynamics of a country’s foreign policy is crucial to comprehending its role on the global stage. This book seeks to offer a comprehensive and insightful exploration of India’s foreign policy, examining its historical evolution, current strategies, and future directions.
India’s foreign policy has been shaped by a complex interplay of historical experiences, political ideologies, and strategic interests. From its post-independence pursuit of non-alignment to its current status as a global power, India’s approach to international relations has evolved significantly. This book provides a detailed examination of these developments, offering readers a deep dive into the principles and practices that guide India’s interactions with the world.
We begin with an overview of the foundational aspects of India’s foreign policy, including its historical context and the key principles that have guided its international relations. The book then explores the major pillars of India’s foreign policy, such as the Non-Alignment Movement, strategic autonomy, and economic diplomacy. Each chapter delves into specific relationships and issues, providing a nuanced understanding of India’s engagements with major global powers and its role in regional and international organizations.
One of the key features of this book is its focus on contemporary challenges and opportunities facing India in the global arena. Issues such as terrorism, climate change, and digital diplomacy are examined to highlight the evolving nature of India’s foreign policy and its responses to global trends. Additionally, the book explores India’s global soft power, including cultural diplomacy and public outreach, as a means of understanding its international influence.


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