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Political Theory

Audience: Suitable for both newcomers and experienced individuals in political science.
Key Concepts: Covers essential political science concepts, terminologies, and ideologies.
Foundation: Builds a strong foundation for understanding political science.
Series: First of ten volumes aimed at enhancing comprehension and engagement.
In-Depth Study: Encourages thorough study of each presented term, concept, and idea.
Conciseness: Provides clear and concise points for better understanding.

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About the author:

                                                                                – Pavneet Singh –

Pavneet Singh

Pavneet Singh transcends the role of an ordinary educational consultant, assuming the mantle of a dedicated mentor whose mission is to actively mould the destinies of civil services aspirants towards a triumphant path of achievement. With a profound reservoir of knowledge and a wealth of experience under his belt.
He is an educational consultant and is associated with training aspirants for the Civil Services Examination. He is also the author of many best – selling titles for the Civil Services Examination.

About the book:

Political theory is the bedrock of political science, providing the foundational frameworks and analytical tools necessary to understand the complex nature of political life. This book aims to offer a comprehensive and engaging exploration of political theory, tracing its evolution from ancient times to the contemporary era and examining its application in real-world contexts.
The study of political theory is essential for anyone seeking to grasp the underlying principles that shape political systems, institutions, and behaviors. By delving into the works of seminal thinkers and the development of key concepts, this book provides readers with a deep understanding of the ideas that have influenced political thought and practice throughout history.
We begin with an introduction to political theory, discussing its definition, scope, and significance. The chapters that follow are organized chronologically and thematically, covering classical, modern, and contemporary political theories. This structure allows readers to see the progression of political ideas and how they respond to the changing social, economic, and political landscapes.
Classical political theory sets the stage with the contributions of ancient Greek, Roman, and medieval thinkers, whose ideas continue to resonate in modern political discourse. The exploration of modern political theory highlights the transformative impact of the social contract theorists, the Enlightenment thinkers, and the pioneers of utilitarianism and Marxism.


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