Quantitative Aptitude

About the Book

The Quantitative Ability Section is a combination of majorly simple concepts merged with advanced mathematics. This tests the numerical ability and accuracy in mathematical calculations of the future managers. The questions range from basic number properties like divisibility, remainders etc. to problems of arithmetic (percentages, ratio, work and time problems), Algebra, Geometry, Permutation & Combination and Probability.

For serious aspirants looking to crack MBA the basic understanding and grasp of concepts is very important and should never be looked over. Along with the understanding, one need to develop a certain set of advanced skills by learning short cuts so as to minimise the time one spends on each question. Keeping in view of the demands of the examination, one should always be careful of few factors while solving questions and preparing for this section. And that’s what this book teaches you to excel in.

Salient ways in which the book helps you to ace Quantitative Aptitude
  • The majority of questions asked in the entrance exam are based on simple and common concepts, and this makes it an absolute must that one should have the thorough understanding of the concepts and does not fall into the routine of cramming questions itself.
  • Try to solve the questions by taking values or through options. For many difficult questions we can get the answers by solving it through options or by taking values.
  • First try to build accuracy and then build speed.
  • Another thing to do is to make notes and summary of all formulas and shortcuts learnt, so that as and when you get time or feel the need, those can be revised.

Index of topics covered in the book
  1. Number system
  2. Percentages
  3. Ratio and Proportion
  4. Time and Work
  5. Time, Speed and Distance
  6. Algebra
  7. Geometry
  8. Permutation and Combination
  9. Probability
  10. Set Theory