Combo Book: Understanding the Eternal War between India & Pakistan • Taliban

About the Eternal War between India & Pakistan:

This is a rare book that goes beyond the typical clichés of civil-military relations, jihad under the nuclear umbrella, India-Pakistan problems and tries to discuss the fault lines plaguing Pakistan, why Kashmir lies at the heart of Pakistan, issues associated with Article 370 and the impact of Pakistani fault lines on the existence of India. This is perhaps the only book which can inform an Indian citizen of exactly what Pakistan is, who "Pakistanis" are and the implications of Pakistani narratives of terrorism and Kashmir on the security of India.

About the Taliban:

Erudite, concise, surefooted and seminal work on the most shadowy group on earth, Taliban. A timely, fascinating and a riveting narrative for anyone interested in Afghanistan. The book is packed with insightful information and is a required reading by anyone who aspires to understand how Taliban emerged and why Taliban matters for various countries including India.

About the Author:

Pavneet Singh is a renowned teacher of International Relations, Security Studies and Current Affairs. He teaches the most sought after courses in the country for the Civil Services Examination conducted by the Union Public Service Commission at Unacademy and Prepladder.