Verbal Ability

About the Book

The Verbal Ability section of CAT presents questions that check the ability of a student to understand and comprehended English. It evaluates a student's skill in using and comprehending words, in using and understanding English language and in reasoning and assessing arguments in English.

This book has been drafted with optimum care and includes all the necessary topics those will enable you to ace Verbal Ability. With more than 200 reading passages of verbal and reasoning ability, the book emphasises on gradually helping a student improve his or her English in an efficient manner. The book also has previous years’ questions with solved answers to help students understand the pattern of the questions asked in different types of management entrance examinations.

Salient ways in which the book helps you to ace Verbal Ability:
  • The book will enhance your English Grammar skills manifold. Moreover, it enhances your ability to read and comprehend books and magazines and will help you understand the appropriate framing of sentences. Consequently, you will be able to spot errors/wrong framing very well.

Salient ways in which the book helps you to ace Verbal Reasoning
  • Reading books and editorials can certainly help to improve one's vocabulary. Make it a habit to refer to a dictionary to understand the meaning of any word that you find unfamiliar.
  • Studying the Greek/Latin prefixes and roots can help you gauge the meaning of some words that may be completely new to you.
  • Try to find out the connection between two sentences at a time to solve 'Para-Jumbles’. This means that it may not be advisable to attempt to mentally construct the whole paragraph at once.

Salient ways in which the book helps you to ace Reading Comprehension
  • In the reading comprehension section, it is important to be able to read the passage at a decent speed while being able to comprehend it. Try to record the time you need to read newspaper editorials or opinionated columns/blogs. Gradually, try to improve your reading speed.
  • In summary based questions it is not only important to comprehend the essence of the given passage, but also to be able to spot missing and/or additional facts mentioned in the options.

Index of topics covered in the book
English Grammar
Basic Grammar
Sentence correction
Sentence pattern
Sentence styles
Verbal Reasoning
Synonyms and Antonyms
Word Meanings
Critical Reasoning
Para Jumbles
Para Completion
Cloze Passages
Fact, Inference, Judgement
Reading Comprehension
Reading Comprehension
Summary of Paragraphs