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CUET – M.Sc. Physics

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M.Sc. Physics Entrance Examination | Competitive Physics Entrance Examinations for All Universities including IIT-JAM, CUCET, CSIR, GATE | Thoroughly Revised & Enlarged Edition|

  • The book is comprehensive and has updated content according to the latest syllabus and examination pattern.
  • Provides logical correlation of topics with the latest developments to make the study more relevant, objective, and result-oriented.
  • A must-read manual as content is compiled from the course by Feynman.
  • The book has 2000+ topic-wise practice questions and 3 practice test papers.
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Presenting you with the latest edition of A Complete Resource Manual: PHYSICS which has been thoroughly revised by the team of eminent faculties and subject experts. Keeping in mind the paradigm shift in M.Sc. Entrance Examination pattern, this book is designed to meet the needs of aspirants. This book is recommended by many professors as the “standard” or “classic” text on a wide variety of topics of general interest to physicists and physics students.

It is absolutely essential that students acquire a firm grounding in the basic techniques and concepts of physics. This book will go a long way in helping students in preparation of M.Sc Entrance Exams like CUET, GATE, IIT-JAM, JNU, TIFR, IISc, JEST, IIA-IGNOU, State Universities’ and other Competitive Entrance Examinations. This book is also be immensely helpful to meet the needs of undergraduate students also.

Three new chapters have been added in this revised edition, which are as follows:

• Chapter-1: Mathematical Physics.

• Chapter-7: Quantum Mechanics.

• Chapter-9: Solid State Physics This manual is indispensable for the following reasons:

• Comprehensive and updated content according to the latest syllabus and examination pattern.

• A complete manual that spans the entire curriculum.

• Ample number of MCQs developed based on the various competitive entrance examination.

• It provides a logical correlation of various topics with the latest developments in the respective field to make the study more relevant, objective and result-oriented.

• Practice questions for self-evaluation and to sharpen the analytical ability are included.

• 2500+ Topic-wise practice questions.

• Highly recommended content compiled from the undergraduate lecture course given by Feynman.

• Includes a historical perspective on how pioneers such as Heisenberg, Schrödinger, Pauli and Dirac developed the fundamentals of Quantum Mechanics.

• 3 Practice Test Papers for self assessment.

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